Booktrib's Bites: Murder, Treasure and Beekeeping


(NewsUSA) - echo from a bayouEcho From a Bayou by J. Luke Bennecke

Murder. Treasure. A supernatural twist. In this latest work from a multi-award-winning author, John Bastian is plunged into a dangerous journey to uncover the truth about his past life as Jack Bachman after a skiing accident unlocks hidden memories. With unshakable visions of a bloody ax, a treasure of gold coins, and a redheaded woman, John sets out on a journey to find answers and confront the man who murdered him in his past life.

Faced with danger at every turn and with a hurricane fast approaching, John must fight for his survival and the safety of those he loves. Full of twists and turns, this gripping novel will keep readers on the edge of their seats until the very end. Don't miss out on this unforgettable ride. Purchase at


honey drop deadHoney Drop Dead by Laura Childs

Theodosia’s Honey Bee Tea is an elegant affair set in Charleston’s Petigru Park amidst native grasses and a beekeeping project. But when a phony beekeeper sprays toxic smoke at the guests, the party erupts in chaos. Then a shot rings out and politician Osgood Claxton III falls to the ground – dead.

Holly Burns, the gallery owner who commissioned the tea, is in shock. A man is dead, guests injured, her paintings left in tatters. When the police don’t have a clue, when old-line politicos don’t want questions asked, Holly begs Theodosia to run a shadow investigation and help restore her gallery’s good name. This is book #26 in the Tea Shop Mystery series – a series that was pronounced “one of the absolute best cozy mystery series” by Book Riot and recently featured as a question on Jeopardy! Purchase at


boundariesBoundaries by Millie by Jo Smoak

What can young children learn from a donkey? Boundaries are limits that we each possess. They can be expressed in different ways. Children author Jo Smoak thinks that having and establishing boundaries with others is important and shares how boundaries are created in this delightful book.

Boundaries by Millie takes you through the day-to-day life of a real donkey with some funny twists. How do you think that a donkey would communicate boundaries? Certainly, it’s important that children understand that no means no, and it’s important to understand when it is okay -- and sometimes even very necessary – to say no. And “no” is not to imply that you are not loved. Find out other valuable lessons in this fun, yet meaningful, story about setting healthy boundaries.


tough and competentTough and Competent by Eugene F. Kranz

 From Gemini to Apollo launches, the Skylab program, and the stunning loss of the Challenger crew, author Eugene Kranz was the face of NASA leadership. Now he documents the leadership and teamwork principles that emerged from an organization of novice, part-time engineers in NASA Mercury Control. By July 1969, when faced with the stress of the Apollo 11 mission to land Americans on the moon, they had matured into a group of hardened individuals empowered to make the split-second decisions to land with only 17seconds of fuel remaining.

What had changed? Team chemistry, says Kranz. IT! elevates performance to where the impossible becomes commonplace. IT! was born in a bare-bones warehouse floor work environment, where learning by doing developed the materials for flight. Moving innovation forward, as you’ll see, is never simple.